More on Sen. Clinton’s Visit to Wolf Block

Sen. Hillary Clinton spent about an hour and a half at Wolf Block’s Philadelphia office Monday in what firm partner and Clinton fundraiser Alan Kessler said was a bit of an unusual appearance.

While the senator still has debt to pay, she wasn’t there fundraising, he said.

“She came in simply to say thank you,” Kessler said.

It was one of several cities on Clinton’s “thank-you” tour, but Kessler said this one felt special given her connection to the city after a six-week primary battle.

“This was almost a second home to her for six weeks of this year with literally her back to the wall,” he said, adding that she had one of her most successful victories out of Pennsylvania.

Clinton also had the support of several political leaders in the commonwealth, some of who were part of the 50- to 60-person crowd at the firm on Monday. In attendance were Clinton-backers Mayor Michael A. Nutter, Tom Leonard, Ken Jarin, Mark Aronchick, Steve Sheller, Leslie Anne Miller, Susan Burke, Connie Williams, Allyson Schwartz and Rachel Cohen on behalf of her husband, David.

A sign in the firm’s reception area about Clinton’s visit drew a crowd and she spent the first 10 minutes with Wolf Block staff shaking hands, signing autographs and kissing babies… well, maybe not the last part.

Kessler said Clinton talked a lot about her experience in Pennsylvania and her commitment to helping Sen. Barack Obama win the general election.

— Gina Passarella, Senior Staff Reporter

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