Anapol Schwartz Adds Associate, Subtracts Office

Philadelphia personal injury firm Anapol Schwartz Weiss Cohan Feldman & Smalley acquired new associate Adam J. Pantano from Philadelphia litigation firm Deasey Mahoney & Valentini on Feb. 21. Pantano has experience in premises liability, product liability, toxic tort and medical malpractice litigation but, as a certified mobile crane operator, is somewhat specially qualified in the area of construction litigation.

“That gives him sort of a hands-on experience with construction, and we think that’s attractive,” said Joel Feldman, managing partner of Anapol Schwartz. “We’re very happy to have him on board.”

Pantano, who was strictly a defense attorney at Deasey Mahoney, said Anapol Schwartz offered him the opportunity to represent plaintiffs.

“I’ve always had an interest in doing plaintiff’s work,” he said, adding that Anapol Schwartz was on the short list of plaintiff’s firms he would have considered joining because of its “quality of work, quality of attorneys and reputation for having very good attorneys.”

Pantano joined the firm just after it sold its 11,000 square-foot office space at 1900 Delancey Place and moved everything into its other Philadelphia headquarters, the 20,000 square-foot space at 1710 Spruce St.

Feldman said the firm decided to move its Philadelphia practice under one roof in part because its increased use of technology to catalog case documents demands much less storage space. Plus, he said, having everyone in the same building is simply more convenient.

“[Before] you had to make an effort to go to 1710 from 1900 or from 1710 to 1900 to meet with someone,” he said. “It’s different now that you can just pass people in the hallway.”

–Zack Needles, Staff Reporter

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