When the Media Gets that Unintended E-mail

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3 Comments on “When the Media Gets that Unintended E-mail”

  1. Jim Rosica Says:

    Gina, thanks for your post.

    As a former newspaper reporter (turned law student), my first thought was that this doesn’t implicate a media policy as much as it does just being careful about who is in your TO:, CC: and BCC: fields when you hit “send.”

    But it does raise the question of what Alex Berenson’s email address was doing in the lawyer’s address book in the first place, assuming the “automatic character recognition” function was in fact turned on. Looks like that lawyer just outed herself as a source. So your point about a media policy may be right on. I look forward to your further thoughts on the subject.

  2. Jim Rosica Says:

    Just found this, so I felt I should follow up. Link goes to an interview with the reporter who received the email. Answers some questions, leaves some hanging, and raises still more.

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