Buchanan Ingersoll Plans for Growth in Phila. With New Space

Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney has signed a 12-year lease for three floors in Two Liberty Place that will give the firm room for an additional 30 to 50 attorneys. BI is currently situated at 1835 Market.

Philadelphia managing partner Howard Scher said the firm’s strategic plan calls for the office to be at about 150 attorneys. It currently has a little less than 100.

There is no set timeframe or plan for how the firm will reach the 150-attorney mark, but Scher said Buchanan Ingersoll has particular growth plans in the transactional side. That doesn’t mean, he said, he wouldn’t be interested in bringing on litigation, labor and bankruptcy attorneys if the fit was right.

The official move is a year out as the firm redoes the “raw” space on the 31st through the 33rd floors.

Buchanan Ingersoll’s main objective was to get into a first-class building with a first-class location, Scher said. In Philadelphia, even one block can make a difference in terms of travel, he said. Two Liberty gives the firm quick access to Market and Broad Streets, Suburban Station and PATCO’s Hi-Speed Line, he said.

“What we hope it conveys to current and prospective lawyers is the commitment the firm has to grow and develop a substantial office in Philadelphia,” Scher said.

The new office space will also be the first time since their merger that both the Buchanan Ingersoll and Klett Rooney attorneys are in a combined office that wasn’t originally home base to one or the other of the firms.

— Gina Passarella, Staff Reporter

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2 Comments on “Buchanan Ingersoll Plans for Growth in Phila. With New Space”

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