Debate Promises Political Fireworks

Mark Aronchick, DNC finance chairman for Pennsylvania, predicted a few weeks ago a crescendo of interest building around the Democratic presidential candidates.

“There is probably more attention now on the Democratic candidates than there has been at any point this year,” he said. “By the time the debate happens, there will be maximum focus.”

Aronchick couldn’t have been more right.

In the past few weeks, the frontrunners for the Democratic nomination have been trying to pull ahead of “the” frontrunner, Sen. Hillary Clinton.

While Philadelphia may just be the fourth stop on a six-debate DNC sanctioned tour, political pundits are predicting less civility and more fingerpointing in this debate than any of the previous ones this campaign season.

One of the hot topics will be a recent vote in the Senate to pass a non-binding resolution on designating the Iranian Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization. Clinton supported the resolution and Sen. Barack Obama and former Sen. John Edwards are making sure to mention that.

~Gina Passarella, Staff Reporter

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