Buchanan Ingersoll’s CMO Leaving

A little more than a year after taking over as Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney’s first CMO, Mark P. Trice is leaving the position to move back to his home state of Texas.
Trice started at Buchanan Ingersoll in June 2006, right before its merger with Klett Rooney Lieber & Schorling.

Prior to that, he was director of sales and business development at DLA Piper in Texas.
Trice will leave Buchanan Ingersoll in a couple of weeks to return to his roots in more than one sense.

He said he wanted to move back to his home state and be closer to his family and also had the opportunity to get back into marketing in the financial and accounting sector, where he has plenty of experience.

Trice said it was a very difficult decision to leave Buchanan Ingersoll because the firm had been so successful after its merger and entrepreneurial in spirit.

He will be working as the CMO for Vcfo, a 100-employee financial, human resources and information technology company based in Austin, Texas.

Thomas L. VanKirk, chief executive officer of Buchanan Ingersoll, said “my biggest interest in Mark was on the business development side and the direct sales side and he thought that was best filled under the CMO” role.

The firm, VanKirk said, had a communications and advertising section prior to Trice’s joining the firm. VanKirk said the firm will definitely fill the business development and sales portion of the traditional CMO role, but it may be under the title of the director of business development.

That depends, he said, on who takes the position and what that person is looking to do.
“There is not a huge rush to fill the position,” VanKirk said, because there is a talented staff that worked with Trice that can temporarily handle the work.

— By Gina Passarella, Staff Reporter

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