Midsized and Small Firm Marketing Successes… We Know You Are Out There

Recently, I wrote an article about midsized and small firms’ marketing plans – or lack thereof. The consensus I reported was the general lack of a strategic plan, despite most firms doing activities they consider marketing.

The reasons were numerous: caution on the part of firms to do anything new; undefined firm identity; temptation to copy other firms; the list goes on.

I stand behind what my sources told me, but to be honest, I was disappointed by what I heard. I talk to midsized and small firms all the time who have dynamic, capable attorneys, and I know many firms are trying new marketing techniques.

And I’m betting there were a number of small and midsized firm attorneys who read my article and disagreed with the implication that their marketing isn’t strategic. To every trend there is an exception (or many exceptions) and I want to hear from you.

If your firm has a marketing technique that has yielded clear results, please contact me. I can be reached at 215.557.2493 or slovett@alm.com.

–Stephanie Lovett, Staff Reporter 

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