Supreme Court Issues the Big One

Well, it’s finally here: the pay raise decision. Cheat sheet version: the judges win back their salary increase in a 5-1 decision authored by Justice Ronald Castille in a 100-page opinion.

The lone concurring/dissenting justice? Thomas Saylor, which will surprise no one. During oral arguments on the case, Saylor didn’t say a word, and given that he’s up for retention in 2007, popular speculation was that he would not be in the majority should the court rule to give back the judges their pay raise.

Is the court going to catch flak? Time will only tell — I haven’t even read the full opinion yet — although the court’s publicity arm is already cranking out press releases on it, which will no doubt be seen by some as an attempt to blunt any criticism.

For more on the decision and reaction to it, be sure to read The Legal Intelligencer Friday and Monday.

–Hank Grezlak, Editor-in-Chief

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One Comment on “Supreme Court Issues the Big One”

  1. Jeff Spangler Says:

    This should solidify the PA Supremes’ stature as the Laughingstock Court of the Nation. The General Assembly has already enshrined itself as Continuously Contented and Corrupt. The statue of Boies Penrose on the Capitol grounds is smiling.

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