Eisenberg Rothweiler Schleifer Weinstein & Winkler Splits Up

Personal injury firm Eisenberg Rothweiler Schleifer Weinstein & Winkler has split into two different firms, citing divergent visions.

The firm will split down practice area lines, according to Ken Rothweiler.

Rothweiler is leaving the firm he joined in 1998 with Stewart J. Eisenberg. The two will focus their practice on complex litigation involving medical malpractice, products liability, crashworthiness and mass torts, he said.

They will be joined by partners Nancy J. Winkler, Fredric S. Eisenberg and Daniel Jeck, all of whom worked at the firm before its split.  All of their names will be included in the new firm name as well.

In total, the Eisenberg Rothweiler firm will have nine attorneys plus one of counsel, Rothweiler said.

Norman J. Weinstein, Charles Jay Schleifer and Richard T. Kupersmith will be moving out of the firm’s Philadelphia office to focus their practice more in the suburbs, Rothweiler said. They will handle mainly workers’ compensation and general negligence cases.

“It was a question of different visions going into the future,” Rothweiler said, adding that Weinstein and Schleifer wanted to increase their presence in the suburbs.

The firm currently has offices in Reading, Lancaster, Avondale and Lebanon, Pa. as well as Philadelphia and Cherry Hill, N.J.

Rothweiler said his new firm bought the office in Philadelphia and will remain there. Weinstein, Schleifer, Kupersmith and the approximately six other attorneys that are making the move with them will remain in the Philadelphia office until they can find additional space, Rothweiler said.

He said that while the area of personal injury law has been evolving over the years in the face of tort reform, this split had more to do with the different goals of the firm leaders.

Rothweiler said that while there is always difficulty in working through the details, the split was an amicable one. 

The two sides signed an agreement Friday that made the separation official, he said.

Gina Passarella, Staff Reporter 

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